Carbon Fibre Devices

Elegant and Slick

Thin and Versatile


Carbon Fibre is an exceptionally strong material which enables the creation of Orthotics to be much lighter and thinner than any of our existing products. The benefit of this is that we can manufacture Orthotics which can fit inside standard shop bought footwear and designed so that there is much less bulk. 


Studies have shown that people with full leg devices (KAFO's - as shown opposite) can walk up to twice as far compared to the use of conventional devices due to the weight reduction alone.


We can design and manufacture any type of Orthosis you require from simple Foot Orthotics, to complex Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses (HKAFO) and stance-control Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses (KAFO).


For detailed pricing and technical enquiries please contact us today.


Carbon Fibre is the material of choice for innovative industries such as Formula 1 and NASA. Until recently, Orthotics has not embraced the qualities of this material within our profession. 


At Allmed Healthcare, we have developed our Carbon Fibre over a period of 5 years and are experienced in producing the most lightweight,structurally strong and cosmetically pleasing Orthoses available.

Silicone Devices

Comfortable and Safe


Silicone is recognised within the healthcare sector as a material which has exceptional compatability with the human body. 


Allmed Healthcare has embraced this material within our manufacturing to create Orthoses which provide more comfort and reduce tissue damaging forces when compared to traditional devices.


At Allmed Healthcare we have developed a new range of custom-made Silicone devices that can reduce the discomfort associated with wearing rigid Orthotic devices. If your current device is manufactured from a rigid plastic we can assure that using our alternative Silicones will provide the same functional control but with improved comfort. The reason for this is that our Orthotic devices still have a thin rigid plastic insert to give the control that you require, however it is encased within a silicone material which ensures that bony areas are free from pressure and that the edges of the devices do not dig in.


We can design and manufacture any type of Orthosis you require from simple Foot Orthotics, to Ankle-Foot-Orthoses (AFO) and for the Upper Limb.


For detailed pricing and technical enquiries please contact us today.

Benefits of a Silicone Device

The biocompatibility of Silicone makes it suitably the material of choice for people experiencing a wide range of symptoms. These may include:


- Skin sensitivity

- Loss of sensation

- Presence of scar tissue

- Soft tissue infection

- Active ulceration, laceration or open wound

- Burns site



Medical conditions may include:


- Diabetes Mellitus

- Muscular Dystrophy

- Motor Neurone Disease

- Cellulitus

- Spinal Injuries




Shear force reduction

The viscoelasticity of silicone resists shear flow and strain, simulating our own soft tissue more than any other Orthotic material.



Minimising any soft tissue reactions and chemical interaction with wounds.


Low toxicity

Does not support microbial growth.


High gas permeability

Allows for increased flow of air in and around the device, keepin skin cooler for periods of activity or summer months.


Non absorbent

Important in wound care by resisting fluid absorption.


High thermal stability

Silicone has a stable chemical structure of -100 to 250 Celsius which allows for high temperature cleaning of the devices.



Our silicone total contact insoles are very resistant to compressive and shear forces which ensures their longevity is beyond that of conventional Total Contact Insoles (TCI).


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