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At Allmed Healthcare, we realise that orthotic devices are not just products to provide functional control. These are devices which are worn by people, often for long periods of time. Therefore, when considering the design of our orthotic products we also consider how it looks and feels. 

 carbon fibre 
 Thin and Versatile 

From innovative materials uses with carbon fibre and silicones, to complex brace manufacture, we are experienced in designing and producing specialist orthotic devices.


Carbon fibre is a material which is extremely strong for its weight and therefore allows the provision of orthotic devices which are much lighter and thinner than standard methods of manufacture. Discreet enough to easily hide under clothing but with an impressive look, you might want to reveal the finish.  


Read more to learn about our carbon fibre specialist devices.

Carbon fibre is a material which is extremely strong for its weight and therefore allows the provision of orthotic devices which are lighter and thinner than standard methods of manufacture.

It is a material which allows the creation of some very low profile type orthotic devices.  One example being an Ankle Foot Orthosis as in the picture. Not only is this device extremely light, it is also much easier to fit beneath clothing and is still stronger than conventional plastic devices.  

Not all carbon fibre is the same!  With over 5 years experience of manufacturing orthotics with carbon fibre, we have built relationships with high profile material suppliers to ensure that our devices are the highest quality possible.


A study performed in Scandinavia demonstrated that patients transferring from a conventional caliper device to a carbon fibre orthosis doubled their walking distance!

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Silicone is recognised within healthcare as a material that mimics our own skin more than any other material. It can provide very comfortable orthotic devices and minimise the chance of a device creating pressure.  It can also be very cosmetic in appearance.

Unfortunately within the orthotic industry silicone use has been very limited and very expensive.  At Allmed Healthcare, we have developed a manufacturing process which has made these products more cost effective whilst retaining all the benefits.

One product area which benefits significantly from the use of silicone are Insoles and Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO).  We can manufacture a silicone AFO which is an intimate fit to the leg whilst providing functional control, and through our unique printing process, you can have any colour or pattern on the device at no extra cost.

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 Durable and Safe 
 3d printing 
 The Future? 

We are currently working with a third party company to develop 3D printed orthotics not possible with other manufacturing technologies. 3D printing revolutionises the way we think about providing orthotic products to our customers. Being able to create a device which is individual, exact and complex, without the need for many individual parts is exciting and moves the industry forward.

With forward thinking, we hope to develop a truly unique portfolio of 3D printed orthotic devices, known as Additive Orthoses.

Watch this space!



At Allmed Healthcare we continually strive to improve the services we offer to our patients. From pioneering production techniques to using state of the art assessment methods, we continue to lead the way in orthotics for HSE and private patients. Below are some of the introductions we have made to our workshop and clinical environments.

- Pressure mat gait analysis

- 3D scanning and modelling

- Carbon Fibre and Silicone material uses

- Custom patterns for plastic devices

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