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Material Use.

What is it?

Carbon fibre is a material which allows the creation of some very low profile Orthotic devices. Not only are the devices extremely light, they are also much easier to fit beneath clothing and can be made stronger than traditional plastic devices.

When used in lower limb Orthotics, the devices can be designed to allow increasing energy return, improving function when walking or running.

There have been a number of studies performed with carbon fibre. Please click here to see a list of evidence.

Carbon fibre is the material of choice for innovative industries such as Formula 1 and NASA. Until recently, Orthotics has not embraced the qualities of this material within our profession. 

With over 5 years experience of manufacturing devices with carbon fibre, we have built relationships with high profile material suppliers to ensure that our devices are the highest quality possible.

Who is it suitable for?

Almost anyone!

There are a few exceptions. Patients who experience fluctuations in swelling/ oedema may not be suitable. In addition, patients who might regularly subject their device to wet environments such as farming, may not find it is the most suitable option either.

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Silicone has many wonderful properties. It is recognised within the healthcare sector as a material which has exceptional compatability with the human body. 


Allmed Healthcare has embraced this material within our manufacturing to create Orthoses which provide more comfort and reduce tissue damaging forces when compared to traditional devices.

What are the 

features/ benefits?

Silicone is able to reduce the discomfort associated with wearing rigid Orthotic devices such as AFOs or Insoles. 


By using a thin rigid plastic insert embedded within the silicone, we are able to retain a high level of function if required,whilst reducing pressure(s) from bony or sensitive areas.

To see a list of Silicone's beneficial properties, please click here.  

Who is it 

suitable for? 

The biocompatibility of Silicone makes it suitably the material of choice for people experiencing a wide range of symptoms. These may include:


- Skin sensitivity

- Loss of sensation

- Presence of scar tissue

- Soft tissue infection

- Active ulceration or open wound

- Burns site

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Lycra Garments work by using strategically placed paneling which correctly aligns the body. This can be used to maintain optimal position when sitting or standing, or to provide corrective forces  to Scoliosis. 

We use market leaders, Dynamic Movement Orthoses (DMO) to manufacture our lycra garments. Ensuring our patients receive the best combination of flexibility and support.

What are the 

features/ benefits?

The orthoses use strategic reinforcement and biomechanical panelling to help provide increased functional ability, more independence and the confidence to lead as normal a life as possible in relation to their condition.


By optimally correcting the bodies position, sensory systems throughout the body are stimulated re-programming the brain, and  ensuring that muscles operate in their new state of optimal alignment.


Who is it 

suitable for? 

Our lycra garments are suitable for patients with neurological or musculoskeletal conditions, who would benefit from improved bodily alignment or correction, to aid development or make everyday tasks easier.

We also offer a Drop Foot range.

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In Orthotics, experience is everything. And with years of clinical and technical expertise at their fingertips, the clinical and technical teams at Allmed Healthcare are leaders in their fields. 

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