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 What to expect 
Your Referral

Patients with medical cards (HSE, LTI) will require a referral from a healthcare professional to access our services. This may come from a General Practitioner, Physiotherapist or the Hospital for example. Your referrer will forward  the information initially to the HSE department who will then contact you in due course. 


If you require more information please telephone our customer service team on 093 33 825, e-mail or make an enquiry online 

before a visit

your assessment

One of our clinical team will meet you in the reception area and take you through to our clinical rooms. There is ample seating in our rooms if you wish to bring someone along with you. An appointment will typically last between 15-60 minutes.

If this is the first time you're visiting, it is important that you bring along your medical card and any relevant medical information you may have. 

The clinician will introduce themselves with their name and outline the plan for the appointment, answering any questions you may have. This information will be documented within your own personal file. 

The assessment will usually consist of:

Visual assessment. This can be as quick as watching you walk or using more technological methods such as gait and pressure mat analysis.

Physical assessment. The clinician will assess individual joints for their range of motion and muscle strengths to name some.

during a visit

prescription options

Following your assessment, the clinician will provide you with options on the types of devices or components available. When we are looking at creating a device we are looking at combining the function, comfort and appearance as well as your input. 

There are no costs for the consultation or supply of a device or component. At times, the health board may impose a part-charge however, this will be clearly indicated before proceeding.

Examples of our product range can be found 

during a visit

during a visit

taking measurements

To make a device we will need measures from you to ensure a good fit. These may include: 

A video demonstration can be found

A tape measure

Useful for taking simple measures for the provision of standard off-the-shelf devices and components. 

Useful for the provision of knee bracing, wrist splints etc.

A foam box impression

A similar material used for flower arranging. This method allows the clinician to capture an accurate model of the under surface of the feet. 

Useful for the provision of insoles.

A plaster cast

It's been around along time, however the use of plaster bandage to capture an accurate model of the body part is probably most widely used. 

Good for more complex devices.

A 3D handheld scan

Produces extremely accurate scans of the body part which can then be modeled in a specific computer program before it is milled.

Useful for AFOs and lower limb prosthetics.

A technical drawing

Used for the provision of made-to-measure footwear and knee bracing. This provides the technician with an outline of the body segment with corresponding measures.

during a visit

Fitting appointment

A further appointment for the fitting of the device or component will be made for you at the time or later depending upon clinical availability. We will keep you with the same clinician to maintain continuity.

On attending your fitting appointment your clinician will talk you through the device or component and provide you with care and wear instructions. If required, we can make most adjustments to the device whilst you wait. 

Review & follow up

We provide a free review service for the first 12 weeks following the fitting of a device or component. Minor alterations will be provided at no charge at all to ensure you get the desired result. 

On most off-the-shelf devices you will be provided with the warranty information which can be arranged through Allmed Healthcare in the event of a device not performing.

We advise our private patients on appropriate time scales to seek a future review appointment to ensure continued care.

after a visit


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