3D Scanning & Moulding

We use 3D technology in the provision of some of our services. The extremely accurate handheld scanners allow for 3D models to be created without the use of plaster bandages. Not only is this less messy and time intensive but 3D  scanning and modelling produces devices more accurate than conventional methods.



Carbon Fibre and Silicone devices have only recently emerged within orthotics being taken from innovative industries such as Formula 1. These devices offer exceptional benefits

when compared to traditional devices made from materials such as foam or plastic.

To learn more about this specialist range, take a look by clicking here.



For some users it is not just about how a device feels and functions. The look is equally important too, and offers a sense of identity.


With access to a graphic designer and a printing technology, we can create a completely unique look for you - either from your own design or by choosing from our UNYQ range.





Our clinicians have the ambition to grow and support clinical excellence across Ireland. We focus heavily on delivering educational workshops and seminars, introducing new products and clinical assessment techniques for allied health professionals.


Our care guides and product information are available for patients too, just click here.



With no course available in Ireland, our clinicians are trained to the highest international standards receiving a BSc or equivalent. 


They continue their professional development by attending training courses and conferences regularly, implementing an evidence-based approach into their practice. 



We have a fully integrated service whereby our clinicians and technicians work from the same site in County Mayo, Ireland. With the combined team designing and manufacturing

products in-house, we can ensure our devices are exact, with quick turnarounds and cost-effective prices. 





Our respected customer service team strives to ensure deliveries are received on time and in full, maintaining our reputation for reliability and consistent customer satisfaction.

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Referrals to the MDT

Some conditions will require the care of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT). Perhaps a dietitian, physiotherapist or occupational therapist is required to ensure you receive the best healthcare. When needed, we will discuss this with you and happily make a referral on your behalf ensuring your health needs are fully met. 



We service a total of 9 satellite clinics throughout Ireland, so you're sure to find one near you. These clinics are available to HSE and private patients on a weekly basis.


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Our Company

In Orthotics, experience is everything. And with years of clinical and technical expertise at their fingertips, the clinical and technical teams at Allmed Healthcare are leaders in their fields. 

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