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Love Rugby, Hurling or Football? Did you know that orthotics can counteract your risk of injury from acceleration, deceleration or sudden changes in direction.

Any sports which involves contact, speed or external forces on the joints from the surfaces over which you move puts your knees, ankles and feet at risk. Give yourself that competitive edge - protect yourself from an injury prone season with our range of bespoke orthoses to keep you on top of your game. 

medical problems

Injury is regular occurrence in contact sports as well as the probability of acquiring an Orthopaedic condition.  Some of the common medical problems we encounter are listed below, with more found on our conditions page

To continue to enjoy your sport it is important that you remain injury free.  Many of the conditions listed can be prevented by a thorough biomechanical assessment and the provision of corrective orthoses.

orthotic solutions

We provide a thorough examination of the biomechanics of the body by using modern clinical tools, we can also use in-shoe pressure analysis equipment and high definition video analysis.  From this information we can determine any biomechanical factor which may have created a problem or may create one in the future.

To ensure that you can return to your sport without any unnecessary delay, we can readily provide orthoses from simple knee cap positioning to complex functional knee braces to provide support for ligamentous damage.

Due the complexity of the Orthotic provision it can sometimes be necessary to make minor adjustments to ensure you have a perfect prescription.  In order to achieve this we do not charge for any post fitting adjustments within a 12 week period.  Our consultation costs can be found

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