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The majority of our products are manufactured within our local workshop in County Mayo. This means no third party handling charges and complete control over our manufacturing processes. We only use the highest quality materials and integrate the most up to date assessment methods to provide you with the very best care


Initial Consultation and Assessment: 

(Appointments vary between 15-60mins) 

Orthotic Fitting Appointment:

Routine Follow-Up Appointment: 

Fine Tuning of the Orthotic:

€50 - €100


Free of charge

Free of charge

Please Note

Private Health Insurers may reimburse you for the costs of orthotics but we are unable to submit a claim for you. We do recommend you check your policy beforehand.

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In Orthotics, experience is everything. And with years of clinical and technical expertise at their fingertips, the clinical and technical teams at Allmed Healthcare are leaders in their fields. 

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