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Foot/ Ankle Bracing

A selection of our more popular semi-bespoke devices is displayed below. All of the medical devices seen are used to prevent or treat a bodily deformity or injury and should be fitted by healthcare professionals only. If you require any more information regarding a product, its pricing, or fitting guidelines please do not hesitate to contact our sales department at:

Air/Gel Stirrup Brace


  • Rigid shape thermoplastic stirrups prevent inversion/eversion of the ankle joint

  • Removable double welded air/gel bladders

  • May be heated or cooled to provide hot or cold therapy

  • Wide touch-and-close fastenings

  • Streamlined design aids easier fitting and comfort within footwear

  • Universal stirrup shape fits left or right foot

  • Two brace length options, standard and long

Stabilised Ankle Brace


  • Highest grade closed cell neoprene laminate with four way stretch lycra and spandex cover with bound edges

  • Heel cut-out for comfort and shoe accommodation

  • Additional stabilising straps cross over on the instep fastening to give enhanced stability to the ankle

  • Supportive spiral spring reinforcements medially and laterally help protect the ankle against inversion/eversion sprains providing ankle stability

  • Provides uniform compression and therapeutic warmth to the ankle

Cold Compression Therapy (CCT) - Ankle/Foot


  • The Cold Compression Therapy range comes in eight designs which ensures all types of body segments can be treated effectively

  • Incoporates a gel cold pack covered with frost free lining to allow application directly against the skin

  • Unique adjustable compression chamber design positioned behind the cold pack provides contouring and compression around the site of injury

  • Cold compression is delivered deep into the tissues of the injury site, speeding up the rehabilitation process and aiding faster recovery

Swedish AFO


  • Available in four sizes, both left and right versions

  • Lightweight Injection Moulded

  • Vertical aspect is thicker to provide rigidity whilst the footplate is thinner allowing trimming

  • Low profile arch and open heel assist for shoe accommodation

  • Heat modifiable for customised fitting

  • Removable calf lining

  • Broad through loop touch-and-close calf strap

Pressure Relief Splint


  • Pressure relief ankle-foot orthosis

  • Non ambulatory plastic shell with fully removable padded foam tri-laminate liner with adjustable toe post, with covers protecting toes from bedding

  • Effectively controls plantar flexion contractures and helps prevent heel pressure sores developing by removing pressure from the heel and improving air circulation to the area

  • Anti-rotation bar may be positioned to assist with internal or external rotation

  • Touch-and-close fastenings to liner allows for changes in the amount of swelling

Deluxe Night Splint


  • Rigid contoured plastic posterior shell with fully customisable foam laminate, washable liner provides passive dosiflexion

  • Universal shape fits left and right foot

  • Available in three sizes

  • Three large broad padded foam laminate integral straps with fastenings to hook closures maintains foot position within the shell

  • Brace is supplied with optional toe wedge for extra stretching

ROM Lower Leg Airwalker
  • 17" brace height

  • Cold and impact resistance, nylon injection moulded foot piece with ROM ankle hinge fixed to the rigid steel uprights allows the ankle to be fixed neutrally or at a specific angle in 10° increments

  • Moulded walking base incorporates a rocker sole unit and is non-slip to promote natural ambulation

  • Foam insole to walking base for additional comfort

  • Detachable tri-laminate foam liners utilise moisture transporting fabric to wick away from patients skin

  • Broad full circumferential touch-and-close fasteners for added security

  • Universal left or right with pneumatic liner as standard

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