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Hip Conditions

Hip Dislocation



What is it?


This can be congenital or due to trauma. In traumatic instances, this is typically due to road traffic incidents, falls, or associated with hip replacements, where a diseased joint has been replaced with a Prosthesis.



What are the symptoms?


- Severe pain in the hip especially when attempting to move the joint.

- The leg on the affected side may appear to be shorter than the other leg. 

- Pain or numbness on the back of the thigh.



How can Orthotics help?


- Hip abduction brace will provide some mechanical restriction to joint movement as well as sensory feedback enabling the user to self-protect the joint.


Perthes Disease



What is it?


The disease is caused when a reduced blood supply to the head of the femur causes it to soften, becoming flattened or mis-shapen. It occurs during childhood as the bones are developing. 



What are the symptoms?


Various symptoms, which can include:

- Pain and stiffness in the affected hip. A leg length discrepancy.

- In adults, if the shape of the femoral head does not reform, there may be a persistence of the leg length discrepancy and the development of osteoarthritis.



How can Orthotics help?


In children, orthotic treatment can be very involved and may require the use of:

- Weight relieving Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) to allow the child to walk without putting any load through the hip.


In adults, treatment will typically be to address the leg length discrepancy using:

- Shoe raise adaptation.



Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)



What is it?


The ITB is a connective tissue which runs along the outside of the leg from the Iliac Crest (hip) to the tibia (shin bone). As the knee bends and straightens, the ITB rubs past the lateral femoral epicondyle. Due to this, the ITB is prone to friction - it is particularly common in runners.



What are the symptoms?


- Pain aggravated by running, extending to the outside of the knee. Pain will typically be present when bending and straightening the knee which is made worse with pressure to the area. 

- Inflammation will most commonly occur to the injured site.



How can Orthotics help?


The symptoms associated with ITBS can be aggravated by poor foot biomechanics associated with overpronation or oversupination (occurring with Flat Foot and High Arches). Insoles (Functional Foot Orthotics) to restore/improve foot biomechanics can therefore be helpful.






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