new patients

We are delighted to welcome all patients.

At Allmed Healthcare, we provide services for people of all ages, with specialist clinics available such as gait analysis and sports injury care. From an initial clinical assessment by one of our IAPO registered Orthotists through to the production and maintenance of an Orthosis by our qualified technicians, our Orthotics service is there for patients from start to finish.

How do I access the Orthotics service?

HSE Clinics (Medical/ LTI Card Holder)

There are no costs for our services provided you have a valid Medical or Long Term Illness (LTI) card. These details will need to be valid and accompanied with a referral from a healthcare professional (e.g. GP). We will then be able to offer you an appointment for an initial assessment with one of our qualified Orthotists/ Prosthetists.

Private Clinics

Our team of qualified and registered clinicians are here to provide initial assessments, second opinions and routine reviews to advise you as to your available orthotic options. You can self refer, refer for a friend or relative to any of our private clinics. Our locations can be found by clicking here. We will provide you with a full quote at the time of assessment for any treatment we recommend before proceeding. Our fees can be found by clicking here.

Read about our Covid-19 Safety Policies by clicking here.

What can I expect at my assessment appointment?

One of our clinicians will meet you at the reception and take you into our clinical area. There is plenty of room for parking and ample seating if you wish to bring a relative or friend. During your appointment, the clinician will inform you of their name and ask you some questions relating to your general medical history, daily activities and treatment expectations.

A physical examination will be performed to assess the condition of the affected body part, including joint mobility, muscle strengths, circulation, pain levels and sensation.

Following your assessment appointment, the clinician will provide you with various options on the types of treatment that are available and suitable for you. When we are looking at creating a device we are looking at combining, function, comfort and appearance as well as your input.

What should I bring to my assessment appointment?

It is necessary to wear or bring along loose fitting clothing, especially if assessing your legs, feet or spine. If you have been provided with any previous devices (insoles, braces, splints, shoes etc) whether they were helpful or not, please bring them along in order for the clinician to see what else you have tried.

About HSE funding.

In some areas, there may be a waiting list before you can be seen. This can vary from a few weeks to several months depending upon the area where you live.

Once you have been seen at your assessment appointment we submit an application to the HSE and await a funding decision in due course. In some instances, there can be a long wait before we hear anything back.

Following approval, your products will be manufactured and a fitting/ delivery appointment will be made for you.

What happens next?

After your asessment appointment, your measures, casts or scans will be sent for manufacture. A fitting appointment will be scheduled for you to come back and receive the device.

At this appointment you will get to try to device for function, comfort and cosmesis. When you are happy, the device is yours to take home.

Following your fitting appointment, we will contact you within 6 weeks to make sure you are getting on as expected and are happy with the outcome.

Our service follows patients from start to finish to ensure you receive the very best care in healthcare. With a close-knit team of clinicians and technicians, you can expect consistency and familiarity each time you attend for any future appointments.