The Orthotic Service

What is orthotics?

Orthotics is a specialist field allied to medicine which focuses on the design, production and use of Orthoses.

Orthoses are devices which are applied externally to any part of the body in order to prevent or correct deformity, promote or improve function of the affected area, or assist in the reduction of pain.

A clinician that practices within the field of orthotics is called an orthotist.

"I used to have terrible pain at the balls of my feet for many years. Using orthotic insoles helped me get back on my feet. I now spend my time doing the things I enjoy, rather than worrying about my feet."

Grainne Mellitt

County Galway

How can orthotics help?

Improve Body Mechanics

Using forces to improve biomechanics when standing, walking or taking part in sport


Relieving Weight

To reduce pain in weight bearing parts of the body

Preventing Deformities

To help provide control of joints to prevent deformities that can occur from progressive conditions

Accomodating Deformities

To provide accommodation of deformities which may either create pain and discomfort or the possibility of the deformity becoming progressively worse

Assisting Joint Motion

When there is muscle weakness

Resisting Joint Motion

When the movement of a joint creates pain or instability

The Orthotics Service.

From an initial clinical assessment through to production and maintenance of an orthosis by our qualified technicians, our orthotics service is there from start to finish for patients.

We offer a streamlined service from first referral through to the fitting and supply of orthotic devices, with complete aftercare. The steps involved can be followed below. 


This can be a self referral or made on your behalf from a healthcare professional.

You can contact us by phone: 09333825 or e-mail:

Once we have your details, we can arrange for a private appointment at one of our clinics.


Biomechanical Assessment

The will comprise of an assessment of the body when both static (not in motion) and dynamic (in motion). It can be either weight bearing or non-weight bearing and allows the clinician to observe any unusual joint positions and check for muscle strength. Other test may be performed which help in determining an appropriate prescription.

Orthosis Design

Using the skillbase of our clinicians and technicians, we use the most advanced, high grade materials to ensure the most appropriate products are created.


Orthosis Fitting and Supply

We ensure that our orthoses are accurate in fit and provide the highest levels of comfort, function and cosmesis. 

This may mean more than one appointment will be necessary, particularly if the device is complex.

Repairs and Aftercare

We take pride in the provision of our orthotics service and are confident you will be satisfied with the end product. We offer complete aftercare to ensure you have efficient and effective repairs if needed.


Our Company

In Orthotics, experience is everything. And with years of clinical and technical expertise at their fingertips, the clinical and technical teams at Allmed Healthcare are leaders in their fields. 

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