The Orthotics Service

What is Orthotics?
Orthotics is a specialist field of medicine which focuses on the design, manufacture and uses of externally applied, non-invasive devices, known as Orthotics.
Orthotics can be applied to any part of the body in order to prevent or correct deformity, safely protect and relieve the body from soft tissue injury, assist with daily living, and promote improved biomechanical function. 
A clinician that practises within the field of Orthotics is called an Orthotist.
What can I expect at an appointment?

Medical Assessment


- It will begin with a medical history and general lifestyle queries to allow our Orthotists to gather an understanding of you       and your needs.


- (Static Assesment) This is an assessment of the body when not in motion and can be either weight bearing or non-weight         bearing. It allows the Orthotist to observe any unsual joint positions, assess muscle strength and joint range of motion.


- (Dynamic Assesment) This is a weight bearing assessment of the body whilst in motion and allows the Orthotist to observe     whether there are any unusual joint positions or motions during gait.

Orthosis Design and Manufacture


- Using the skills of our Orthotists and technicians we utilise the most advanced materials to ensure the most appropriate products are created to the highest standards.

- Our custom-made Orthotics are manufactured here in Ireland.

Orthosis Fitting

- We ensure that our orthoses are accurate in fit and provide the highest levels of function, comfort and appearance.

Repairs and Aftercare

-We take pride in the provision of our Orthotics service. If required we will ensure you have access to efficient and effective repairs. Providing the best in aftercare over the lifetime of your Orthotics.

Assist with joint motion


When there may be weakness of muscles that help control a joint.




Prevent deformities


To help provide control of joints to prevent deformities from progressive conditions.





Resist unwanted joint motion 


When the movement of a joint causes pain or instability.




Accommodate for deformities


To provide accommodation of deformities which may either progress without the use of an orthosis or cause pain.


Relieving weight


To reduce pain within weight bearing areas of the body.




Improving poor biomechanics


Forces influenced by the orthosis provide improved biomechanics when standing, walking or playing sport.

How can an Orthosis help?

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