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Allmed Healthcare is a family operated company providing orthotic services to HSE organisations and private patients across Ireland.

We provide a complete range of traditional and modern orthotic devices that complements the experience and wide variety of specialisations practiced by our team.

Read more about us and see how we strive to make a positive impact on our industry, the people and environment in which we work.



Many people are affected by medical conditions that can create symptoms, often being painful and making everyday tasks more difficult. Using Orthotics can help.



We have developed successful working partnerships with private clinicians and healthcare professionals from the HSE for over 10 years. See how we can work with you.

Our Product Range

We can manufacture all types of orthotic products including some innovative solutions unique to our organisation.  With these products being manufactured in-house we can ensure a quick delivery and cost effective prices.



It's good to be informed about your medical condition. 

For information on causes, symptoms and orthotic treatments available, read more below.

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"Allmed Healthcare works closely with us to provide an efficient, effective, high quality clinic for our service users. Because there is an appropriate and thorough assessment, we find the users tolerate the devices better. Allmed takes the time to educate and we learn a lot as clinicians as well. We have found the results very beneficial for our service users."


Melinda McCabe 

Physiotherapy Service Manager

Daughters of Charity Service, Dublin

Our Company

In Orthotics, experience is everything. And with years of clinical and technical expertise at their fingertips, the clinical and technical teams at Allmed Healthcare are leaders in their fields. 

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